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Dear passengers! Please be informed that the Georgian Airways airline cancels flights TGZ789 / 790 TbilisiI-Kazan-Tbilisi ONLY Jun 09,12,16 and 19, 2017. For more information, please contact the airline information center by calling: +995 322 485 511

Boarding control

Preflight inspection is conducted to ensure your safety, both in the building of the terminal, and on board of the aircraft. Passengers of domestic and international flights at the airport "Kazan" must necessarily undergo preflight control, which is carried out after the passengers check-in.

Domestic flights passengers shall pass safety control before boarding, then they are transferred into the secure zone, where they wait for their departure.

Passengers on international flights undergo customs, passport control and then the safety control; thereafter they wait for the flight departure in the secure zone.

By carrying of the animals or plants they need to pass phyto-sanitary or veterinary control.

If an aircraft passenger refuses from the pre-flight inspection, the passenger air transportation contract shall be deemed terminated in accordance with paragraph 3 of the Article 85 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.