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On April 13, a hotline for canceling flights to Turkey and Tanzania was launched. The decision on restrictions established till Jun 01, 2021. Details on the pages of the airport website and the website of "Rostourism".                               


Depending on the type of the aircraft and the airline fulfilling the transportation, the passenger check-in may start from 1 to 2.5 hours before the departure of the aircraft.

Check-in termination deadline - 40 minutes before the departure. You can learn the details of the check-in start and termination time in advance at the airport Information Desk or at the airline representative office. You will be informed of the check-in opening by the public address system. Pay attention to the scoreboard above the notification board above the check-in counters. Your flight must be specified there! Produce your ticket and your passport to the agent at the check-in desk. If you have an e-ticket, your passport will be enough. Put your luggage on the tape. After registration and baggage check-in you will receive a boarding pass and luggage tags.

Some airlines offer on-line registration to their passengers.

Business class passengers of “Transaero”, “S7” and “Tranasaero” and “Aeroflot” airlines are registered in the Terminal 2.

After registration you need to pass security control (for domestic flights), customs and passport control (for international flights), and if necessary, veterinary and phyto-control.

Passengers who are late for the flight, shall not be allowed on board of the aircraft