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Американский Бар и Гриль

American Bar&Grill

American Bar&Grill is a classical atmosphere of the American bar, liberal spirit of young America, comfortably furnished rooms, cowboy style and American home cuisine. You will be served large sandwiches, giant steaks, lavish potato plates and heaps of salad.

We work 24 hours a day.

IL Патио

IL Patio

It all started in the distant nineties, when the modest, but progressive pizzeria “Patio Pizza” appeared. It was the first time and the first place in Moscow where pizza was cooked on open fire in a genuine wood-burning stove. Little by little we tried to become something more than a common pizzeria, and in 2004 Patio Pizza changed into IL Patio, a chain of affordable-price restaurants of Italian cuisine with a multiple-choice menu.

Today IL Patio menu offers its clients a wide range of dishes cooked of meat, sea food and vegetables. IL Patio is a perfect combination of an attentive servicing, cosy homelike atmosphere and prices affordable for everyone. That is why it is so pleasant to spend time in IL Patio either with the whole family, or with friends, colleagues or children.

We work 24 hours a day.

Costa Coffee

Coffee Houses “Costa Coffee”

For the best coffee in the genuine Italian style Coffee houses “Costa Coffee” devote special attention to quality control at each production stage – from the bean to the cup.

In Costa Coffee all beverages are made by hand by the professional Barista. At your desire a supplementary go of espresso, syrup, whipped cream or powdered chocolate can be added to any beverage from the menu. You will be served a drink meeting your unique taste!

Along with a marvellous coffee Costa Coffee offers you an extensive selection of other beverages, including hot chocolate, variety of teas, coffee and ice cocktails “Frescato”. You can find information about the entire selection of our products in coffee houses and on the web-site:

We work 24 hours a day.


Coffee House “Coffee CAVA”

The coffee house “Coffee CAVA” gleefully welcomes the citizens and guests of Kazan with a fragrant coffee. It is equally pleasant both to return home and start acquaintance with our city with a cup of coffee – one of the best coffees in our city.

We work 24 hours a day.

MamaRussia_PlashBordo [преобразованный].jpg

Mama Russia Restaurant

The menu, environment and atmosphere of our restaurant gently and beautifully combine old and modern times traditions. Cosy sofas, soft light and attentive servants will help our guests to feel free and easy. The restaurant will offer you home cuisine dishes familiar to you: traditional Russian “Olivie” and “Vinegret” (vegetable and meat salads), various snacks, hot dishes, patties and desserts, as well as such beverages as kvass (Russian rye beer), lemonade and kissel (thick fruit and starch beverage).

We work 24 hours a day.