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Kazan international airport switches to summer season 24.03.2017

Kazan international airport switches to summer season

From March 26 to October 28, 2017 air transportation will be performed according to summer season.

Traditionally, the route Kazan-Moscow is much sought after. For instance, Rossiya Airlines at the very beginning of the season opens a flight to Vnukovo International Airport. The flights will be performed in diverse frequency, depending on a certain period. The Airbus 319 with capacity of 128 seats and the Boeing 738 with capacity of 189 seats will be used for the flight. Rossiya Airlines will continue to carry out daily flights from Kazan to Saint-Petersburg in the new navigation season. The flights to Simferopol will be performed three times a week. Futhermore, the flights to Sochi are planned for the summer.

Nordavia Airlines plans to carve out a niche on two directions at once: the flights to Saint-Petersburg that open on March 27 already and the flights to Sochi. It is worth noting that these routes are new for the air carrier.

KrasAvia Airlines is one of the new partners of Kazan airport, plans to operate the flights on the route Kazan-Sochi three times a week.

Other two air carriers will perform traditionally popular route Kazan-Simferopol: NordWind Airlines is going to perform flights on each Sunday and a new partner Alrosa Airlines – on each Monday.

Unlike last year, there will be 7 air carriers, flying to Simferopol and 8 air carriers, flying to Sochi in 2017-summer season that will let passengers almost daily travel from Kazan to the South of Russia.

Tatarstan air carrier UVT aero continues to develop the route network actively. On April 1 airline will start to operate direct flights on the route Kazan – Naryan-Mar – Kazan.

When it comes to the international direction, we should mention a new international air carrier airBaltic first. It opens the flight to Riga on April 26. The Flights from Kazan will be carried out on each Monday and on each Thursday on the Boeing 737 with capacity of 120 seats.

Finnair Airlines proceeds the flights from Kazan international airport on March 28. The flights will be carried out three times a week.

Rossiya Airlines summer flights include air traffic of Kazan with popular directions such as Larnaca and Antaliya. The flights opening to Antaliya is planned by NordStar Airlines and a new partner of Kazan airport Аtlas Global that will perform flights from April to October on the comfortable Airbus 321 aircrafts.

It should be pointed out that for the present day 9 airlines requesting for the flights from Kazan to Antaliya, Russian as well as international.

The next in turn of major events in summer season 2017 is the scheduled opening of Аtlas Global flights to Istanbul. The flights will be carrier out on a regular basis.

Turkish Airlines that has been performing the flights Kazan-Istanbul for 11 years, plans to increase flights frequency to 5 flights a week.

Flydubai Airlines increases the frequency of the flights on the route Kazan-Dubai from April 2 to May14: the flights will be operated on each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Kazan international airport is working on opening regular flight connection to Tbilisi. Currently only one may be said , the flights will be carried out by international air carrier.

Summer flight schedule will be in force up to October 28, 2017 and including. You can access the schedule by pointing the section ‘for passengers and guests’ and then clicking ‘seasonable timetable’ on our web-site.

There might be changes in the schedule!

Photo by: Radik Gabdrakhmanov

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