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“Kazan” airport: international recognition

In March of the year 2014 “International airport “Kazan” won an award “Best Regional Airport Russia and CIS”.

Such are the results of the canvass of about 12 million passengers from 100 countries conducted by Skytrax – a leading international consulting company, specializing in aviation industry researches. Investigation was held in more than 385 airports worldwide.

It was a unique event both for “Kazan” airport and the Republic of Tatarstan: it was for the first time when the regional Russian airport won such a prestigious award. This success was caused by the significant breakthrough: in a few years Kazan airport had become the best regional airport of Russia.

The main catalyst of such changes was a global scale event – in 2013 the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan hosted World Summer Students’ Games – Universiade, receiving more than 150 thousand participants and guests from all over the world.

Within the framework of preparation to the Universiade a Terminal-1A was constructed, which allowed passengers handling in accordance with the global standards. Upon commissioning of this Terminal the total area of the airport terminals including business-terminal increased up to 50 000 sq.m, and the acceptance rate - up to 2,5 mln. passengers per year.

While designing and constructing of passenger terminals the significant emphasis was put on comfortable environment creation for guests, as well as, navigation and servicing convenience. Large and comfortable waiting areas, wide range of shops, a lot of restaurants and cafes, rooms for mothers with children, luggage rooms are at the passengers’ disposal. Convenient system of transition, elevators and escalators are provided for transferring in the terminals.

In the airport a special focus is on providing of the passengers with reduced mobility handling: special ramps, elevators, toilet rooms have been designed, doorways have been widened, sliding doors and special parking areas have been provided.

The airport disposes parking areas with capacity of more than 700 parking spaces. Aeroexpress train connecting the airport with the center of Kazan has become the new element of transport infrastructure of the airport. Travel time now is only 20 minutes.

In the terminal a powerful modern ventilation and conditioning system has been installed, all requirements for passengers safety have been considered, modern information safety, control and access management systems have been established in accordance with international standards, ensuring comfort and convenience for guests.

“Winning of the most prestigious award in the global aviation industry is an important event for the International airport “Kazan”. Passengers’ assessment – is the highest award and significant incentive for continuous development” – underlined the General Director of the airport Aleksey Starostin.

Note: Skytrax – is a powerful British consulting company, specializing in investigation of the services quality provided by various air companies and airports. It was established in 1989. Its sphere of activity is air services researches, quality analyzing, ranking and benchmarking of the efficiency of air companies and airports activities.

The basic criteria for assessment are the following: location of the airport, transfer opportunities, quality of services for passengers, staff training level, airport terminal comfortability, safety.

Independent rating of Skytrax confirms the choice of about 1.8 million passengers who made use of international airport “Kazan” services in 2013.

Such a high estimation of the airport both by the international aviation association and about 2 million passengers confirms the correctness of the airport administration’s development strategy aimed at creation of more modern and high-technology transport center.

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