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Quality of service improvement - one of the Kazan international airport priorities

Business meeting with the developers of the virtual multi-user system vMUSE system and the interested companies took place in the Kazan international airport within the scope of the program for passengers handling and registration systems quality improvement.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the corporation «Arinc» - system vMUSE developer, the company “Integris” - system integrator, providing support to the systems vMuse, as well as the representatives of the airline “Aeroflot - Russian Airlines” and the airport “Kazan”.

The issues of the SSC system operation provision were discussed at the meeting in the vMUSE multi-user platform environment including:
- Technology features of the SSC system and vMUSE;
- Ways of local equipment, systems vMUSE and Sabre interaction organizing by the data transmission;
- Representatives of each party areas of responsibility delineation in the event of emergency situations;
- Basic response activities, deadlines and ways to manage emergency situations and other important aspects of the registration of passengers on flights system.

In the process of discussion the corporation «Arinc» opened the peculiarities of the system vMUSE Enterprise used at the airport "Kazan", describing in detail the technical, technological schemes of the system, as well as the sequence and structure of information exchange in the system vMUSE operation, that allowed constructing conceptual solutions for improvement of its use efficiency.

During the meeting, the participants conducted test registration for the flights of the airline "Aeroflot" with printing of the boarding passes and baggage tags and were convinced in the smooth operation of the system in practice.

The agreements were reached between the parties on further mutual improvement of passenger handling service, as evidenced by the decision of the development, coordination and approval of a number of basic documents, including regulations on operational collaboration and technical support of registration system Sabre Interact SSC in the environment vMUSE.

Kazan international airport – is one of the largest airports in Russia, the best regional airport in Russia and the CIS countries according SkyTrax, it has been voted the best airport in Russia by the rating agency “Aviaport”. Its roadmap has more than 55 regional and international flights. By the end of 2013 International airport “Kazan” services has been used by 1 million 847 thousand 258 passengers, which is by 24.2% exceeds the past figures.

Common use platform “vMUSE” – is a multi-user system providing passengers registration with printing of baggage tags and boarding passes, as well as the control of the departure gate using a variety of automated control systems of shipment and boarding of passengers on any check in counters. This system is used by more than 300 airlines in more than 100 airports around the world, including the Kazan international airport.
Corporation “Arinc” (Incorporated, ARINC) - is a company founded in 1929 year, one of the world leaders in the development of IT systems and communications, as well as system research in five areas - aviation, airports, defense, government and transportation of goods.

Sabre Interact SSC (Sabre Interact SabreSonic ® Check-in) – is a world-famous departure control system that accelerates and improves the quality of the reception at check-in counters and boarding of passengers on the aircraft.




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