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Kazan international airport launched a version of the site for partially sighted passengers

Kazan international airport continues to work on increasing the accessibility of services for the category of partially sighted passengers: a version of the website for partially sighted was developed and launched.

Almost all content of the Russian version of the site is integrated into the system. The main sections (display board, seasonal flight schedule, information), and secondary (information on tariffs for leasing and advertisement placement) are available now for partially sighted passengers.

The services of the website let partially sighted users choose one of four font sizes and color schemes of the web page. Spacing adjustment and images disabling services are available.

Test version of the website was launched in August and the system is currently in normal mode.

It should be reminded that in 2017, taking into account the importance of combining transport security measures and unimpeded access for disabled people to social, engineering and transport infrastructure facilities at Kazan international airport, a project was launched in the framework of which in addition to existing technical and other means of assistance to passengers with reduced mobility, the airport has been additionally introduced:

• a specialized waiting area, equipped with an information terminal with a touch pad and a braille keyboard, which supports video communication with the airport information officer in online mode;
• sound informants with motion sensors;
• PRM team services call buttons;
• hearing loop in the check-in and waiting areas of terminal 1, allowing a person with hearing limitations to communicate comfortably with the airport staff, as well as to perceive audio messages of airport broadcast transmission system;
• additional warning tactile indicators with anti-slip surface, as well as paving tiles made of polymer-sand material, resistant to numerous factors of external influence;
• contrasting tactile bands on the edge steps of the stairways, performing signal and anti-slip functions.

Irina Prosvirjakova, advisor to the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of RT, member of the Coordination Council for control over the implementation of the state program of the Russian Federation "Accessible environment" noted,
"Kazan airport demonstrates the high rates of adjustment to the needs of people with disabilities in the transport sector of the Republic. I would like to emphasize that the management of the airport takes the most active part in realization of the program "Accessible environment" and realizes all the related social responsibility".

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