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Kazan airport participated in the 31 meeting of the International Committee on work with clients ACI EUROPE

A Meeting of the ACI EUROPE International Committee for promotion and work with passengers was held on April 28-29, 2014 in St. Petersburg. Delegation of the Kazan international airport has participated in the activity of the committee; its main task is to identify the most pressing issues and trends in customers’ servicing, as well as all sorts of innovations and trends in improving the quality of passengers’ handling.
Participants have been offered to discuss such topics as: the rights of passengers, ACI EUROPE survey in 2014 on passenger services, aspects of cooperation with other committees, interaction and reporting data ASQ (quality control of services provided by the airport), presentations of several IT- systems and programs.

This year the event was attended by the largest airports and the group of the European cities’ airports: London, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Warsaw, Athens and other, as well as various European consulting, training and other companies operating in the air transportation sector. Our country has been represented by the Kazan international airport, "Pulkovo" airport and the airport holding "Regional Airports".

During the committee operation, the Kazan international airport representatives have joined the working groups for identifying and resolving of important issues of passengers handling. Roundtables devoted to these issues have decided on the development, coordination and approval of a number of documents: the rules, regulations and instructions. In future, all decisions resulting from the working groups’ activity can be implemented by the participants in their companies.
Kazan international airport is actively improving the quality of passengers’ handling, constantly enhancing the service and introducing innovative technologies. Participation in the meeting of the ACI EUROPE International Committee allows to receive the latest recommendations and advice in the field of passengers handling, to keep abreast of modern technology, and gives a unique opportunity to exchange experience and establish professional relationships with airports across the whole Europe.

ACI EUROPE is the European International Council of Airports, the only worldwide professional association, which embraces over 450 airports in 44 European countries. During 2012 the members of the association have carried out 90% of commercial air traffic in Europe, handling more than 1.6 billion passengers. Council of Airports destined to serve the European industry and maintain strong ties with other regions of ACI worldwide.

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