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The new records: +10,5%  or 3 470 000 passengers – Kazan international airport performance in 2019 22.01.2020

The new records: +10,5% or 3 470 000 passengers – Kazan international airport performance in 2019

Kazan international airport publishes its operational rates of activity according to the results of 2019.

The first time in the history of Kazan airport, such a high performance was achieved in air traffic volume during one year.

In 2019, Kazan international airport served 3 470 742 passengers (here and elsewhere: departure and arrival) that is 10,5 % more than in 2018 (by way of contrast, 3 141 000 passengers were served in 2018). 35 388 Take-off operations were performed, that the same period last year, increased the aircraft gross weight at the same time. Thus, number of flights performed by wide-bodied passenger aircraft of the Boeing 777, 767 and Airbus A330 families increased, and long-haul double-decker Boeing 747 flights from Kazan on a daily basis in the summer period.

In 2019, destination network of Kazan airport counted 85 destinations (in 2018, 81), among them 45 – international.

2 172 627 passengers were carried on domestic flights, increase is 8 %. 1 298 115 passengers were carried on international flights and increase was 14, 8%.

Among intra-Russian can be pointed out such destinations as Sochi +22,6%, Saint Petersburg +38,9% and Yekaterinburg +46,9%. There is a high demand for the flight to Moscow, Krasnodar, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and other destinations.

Among international flights the strongest number of passengers were served on the route Antalya-Kazan-Antalya – 588 742 passengers, +29,5%. Growth such destinations as Dalaman +7/3%, Kamran +10,6%, Djerba +11,7%, Burgas +21,4%, Istambul +29,9% and Prague +32,2.

In 2019, Kazan international airport name of Gabdulla Tukay opened the flights to Budapest (Hungary), Harbin (China), the line of regional routes – Astrakhan, Kaluga, Yakutsk, Cherepovets. The departure flow went up to Turkey. The first time in the civil aviation history of the Republic of Tatarstan was launched Atlantic air communication – flight to Dominicana.

In January of this year, flights were opened flights to Voronezh, Bryansk, Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk (with intermediate stop in Yekaterinburg). At present, it is working to open the flight to Munich, Tel-Aviv, Erevan and other destinations.

Photo by Radik Gabdrahmanov

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