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To Gorno-Altaisk From Kazan with UVT Aero 26.03.2020

To Gorno-Altaisk From Kazan with UVT Aero

From May 5, 2020 UVT Aero will resume the flight program from Kazan to Gorno-Altaisk and back.

The flights will be performed twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays capacity 50 seats on CRJ – 200 aircraft with an temporary landing in Omsk.
· departure from Kazan at 06:50, arrival in Gorno-Altaisk at 14:50.
· return fligt from Gorno-Altaisk at 15:30, arrival in Kazan at 15:50.

A schedule change is possible! The local time is indicated for each airport. The time in the Altai Republic is 4 hours ahead of Moscow time.

The cost of Kazan - Gorno-Altaisk one way ticket is from 8 090 roubles when buying on the airline’s website The tickets are already on sale!

According to Stanislav Kozlenko, the Commercial director of UVT Aero, this direction is promising: beautiful nature, mountains, fresh air. There are proximity of tourist bases with possibility of extreme tourism or camping can not leave indifferent those, who don’t like the hustle of the metropolis and those who appreciate the wild nature.

Andrey Lopatin, Director of Strategic Development of Kazan international airport JSC, noted that the Altai Mountains are often called "Siberian Switzerland" due to the striking similarity of the Altai Mountains and the Swiss Alps. Many residents of the Republic of Tatarstan and neighboring regions have always been interested in this resort. The resumption of direct flights will again provide travelers with the opportunity to significantly reduce the duration of the flight, bypassing the airports of the Moscow air hub.

Photo by Almaz Mustafin

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