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Epidemiologic control and interaction system

October 29, an interactive press-conference on Epidemiologic control and interaction of services in Kazan International Airport was held today. Standard procedures for prevention of viral infections spread and functional capabilities of personnel and special equipment were demonstrated.

“Quarantine control system of Kazan International Airport has proven its efficiency many times. Nowadays, the system is facing even more complicated tasks – prevention of penetration of highly infectious viruses to the territory of republic. Cargoes can carry infection as well as the passengers which is important to take into account. Effectiveness of this problem solution depends on responsive interaction of Kazan International Airport’s subdivisions with relevant subdivision of Rospoterbnadzor [Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance *TN]” – noted Alexey Starostin, Director General of Kazan International Airport.

In the course of the event for representatives of mass-media, officers of Rospotrebnadzor and chief executives of Kazan International Airport discussed and simulated various situations of arrival of plane containing passengers under suspicion of having Ebola fever. Press-conference participators were demonstrated: Two- step system for passengers’ body temperature level control. System for control of passengers’ health on board of arrived plane. Passengers’ evacuation system in cases of suspicion and/or confirmation of one of the passenger’s infection from the arrived plane. Special protective suits used for contact with people having highly infectious viruses including of Ebola virus.


“In order to prevent penetration and spread of Ebola virus all passengers arriving to Kazan International Airport undergo special check for concordance of body temperature to accepted standards. Thermovision cameras installed at international flights arrival hall have high sensitivity and determine temperature within seconds. Primary medical examination is performed if passenger’s temperature exceeds 37 degrees. If suspicion for any infection of the passenger is confirmed, the passenger is sent to probationary ward. Such passenger stays in the probationary ward until arrival of emergency car from the republic’s clinical infectious diseases hospital. The work we are performing today on prevention of infectious diseases’ spread is based on close co-operation with various subdivisions of the Kazan International Airport, medical stations, Border Guard service and Customs control service”, - said Salyahiev Linar deputy head of sanitary protection department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Republic of Tatarstan to the journalists.




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