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The emergency landing of an aircraft at the airport

Today, on 5th December, 2014, aircraft A319 of S7 airlines flight SBI 10, operated on the route Chelyabinsk – Moscow, made an emergency landing at Kazan international airport due to the threat to the health of one of the passengers. Sport doctor was on the board of the aircraft, who gave to the passenger nitroglycerin, oxygen mask, measured the pressure and provided psychological help.

At 12:59 medical center of Kazan international airport received the message from the air traffic control on an aircraft emergency landing. At 13:15 the aircraft landed and was directed by the air traffic control to the parking stand No20. At the parking stand the aircraft was met by the ambulance of Kazan international airport with a medical team consisting of a doctor, paramedic and nurse. Airport medical center staff made an electrocardiogram and provided an emergency medical assistance within 20 minutes prior arrival of the ambulance from the city.

The passenger was hospitalized to one of the medical institutions of Kazan. At 14:30 the aircraft flew to the place of destination.

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