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Kazan international airport is the winner of award “CLEAN RUSSIA”!

<p>"><img src="/airport/NEWS/20150115/img001.jpg" hspace="10" align="left" width="400" height="268"  />Kazan international airport was awarded the national prize of the Cleaning companies union "CLEAN RUSSIA". The official award ceremony took place on January 15, 2015. Diploma was awarded by Dmitry Shmarov, the President of the Cleaning companies union. Award was received on behalf of the airport by Rinat Gizatullin, Deputy Director General on General Affairs.</p>

<p>National award "CLEAN RUSSIA" is awarded to the most important public facilities on the results of the cleanliness audit held by the experts of the Cleaning companies union. Kazan international airport was awarded the title of the cleanest public facility in Russia. The assessment criteria are the use of modern technologies of cleaning, efficiency of personnel involved in cleaning and, most importantly, visual confirmation of the cleanliness of the facility.</p>

<p>"Award "CLEAN  RUSSIA "is a great honor and an additional incentive for us. The airport authority is proud that Kazan international airport has officially recognized as the most clean facility of Russia. This is a great achievement both of team staff and airport companies engaged in cleaning, "- said Aleksey Starostin, Director General of Kazan international airport.</p>

<p>Winners of "CLEAN RUSSIA - 2013" became "Ekaterinburg-Expo" and cleaning company OMC.</p>

<p>Award "CLEAN RUSSIA" is a unique event for the Russian business community. The purpose of the Award is encouragement and promotion of modern technologies, promoting the achievements of companies, which combine high profitability, stable position in the market, intensive development and pay great attention to the cleanliness of facilities.</p>

<p>Cleaning companies union was established in 2012. The main task of the union is to unite the efforts of the cleaning market for its further development. Cleaning companies union unities 123 companies of Industry Market of the Russian Federation.</p>

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