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Kazan airport offers a new service of self check-in for Transaero airline’s passengers 27.01.2014

Kazan airport offers a new service of self check-in for Transaero airline’s passengers

Kazan international airport together with Transaero airline has installed the first self check-in kiosk for passengers. It is now located in the waiting room in Terminal 1A not far from the check-in counters in domestic departures. This kiosk may be useful for Transaero airline’s passengers flying from Kazan to Moscow, Bangkok, Phuket and Hurghada. This kind of check-in is possible 12 hours prior to the departure.
Self check-in service will help passengers to spend less time on check-in and make easier the procedure of pre-flight formalities. Self check-in is very simple and takes only a few minutes for passenger data entry, choice of the seat on the plane, and printing of the boarding pass, after that passenger having no luggage may follow to the preflight inspection while the passenger travelling with the luggage shall address the check-in counter for the luggage registration.
Alexey Starostin, General Director of Kazan international airport, OJSC, noted, ‘Self check-in kiosks are installed in many airports; they’re very popular among passengers. I’m sure that such service will be in demand with the passengers of Kazan airport as well, especially with those who travel without luggage; this is a really time-saving and convenient service. The number of airlines supporting this service will increase in the near future.’
Kazan airport is open for modern technologies; it develops the infrastructure and widens the range of services for passengers with the aim of the airport complex capacity increase, passenger services time cutting and quality improvement. Thus, the project of automatic check-in system on the vMuse platform was realized in 2013. It was highly appreciated by transfer passengers, who receive boarding passes with indicated seats for their next transfer flights, while their luggage is checked-in till final destination, which is undoubtedly more convenient for the passenger.
vMuse implementation enabled to install the self check-in kiosks for the airlines using the vMuse platform for automatic check-in procedure.

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