1. Approve the weapons transportation and/or ammunition with the relevant airline prior to the purchase of the flight ticket. ( Clause 25, Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of 28.06.2007 No. 82* write a comment to the effect that the reference to the text of the law is in the Russian language).
2. If you intend to transport weapons and/or ammunition, please arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure.
3 When arriving at the airport, notify airport security officials of the presence of weapons and/or ammunition so that the legality of the arms and/or ammunition can be checked by law enforcement authorities (you must have the appropriate Permit to Keep and Carry Weapons with you).
4. Check in for your flight and get your boarding pass, informing you about the weapon.
5. Hand in your weapon and/or ammunition in a special service area - the drop-off, storage and issue room.

During the collection of weapons, security and law enforcement officers:
- Check that the weapon is unloaded; the check takes place in a designated area using a bullet catcher
- Verify that transport documents and firearms licenses are in possession.
- A security officer completes an unloading control form for the duration of the flight. The act is made out in triplicate and signed by a law enforcement officer, an authorized security officer, and the weapon owner. One copy is given to the passenger to collect the weapon at the airport of destination (arrival).
Note: - Transfer passengers travelling within the Russian Federation who are in possession of a weapon must have it reissued at Kazan Airport. For more info call +7(843)267-8793.
- When bringing arms into/out of the territory of the Russian Federation and transporting them through the territory of the Russian Federation, the passenger must have a permit for arms import/export issued by an authorised body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
- Foreign citizens in accordance with the Law "On Weapons" are allowed to bring into the territory of the Russian Federation sporting and hunting weapons if they have an invitation from a legal entity holding a hunting license, a contract for hunting with the said legal entity or an invitation to participate in sporting events and an appropriate permit from the Interior Ministry;
- It is prohibited to import into the Russian Federation and to use in the Russian Federation all kinds, types and models of weapons to ensure personal safety, to protect the life and health of other citizens, their property, to accompany cargo and for other purposes not specified above, unless provided for by separate international treaties of the Russian Federation.

Documents needed to surrender weapons and ammunition

For all weapons:
- Permit to keep and bear arms issued by the Ministry of the Interior, the Main Directorate of the Interior or the Department of the Interior, Rosgvardia;
Exception: ◦ Pneumatic devices with a muzzle energy of 7.5 J or less and a calibre of 4.5 mm or less. ◦ Stun guns
- Ticket and/or boarding pass
- Passport
- Import or export permit at the border