Kazan international airport is one of the biggest gateways of Russia. Having rich history airport continues fast developing, incessantly widening routemap. Nowadays harbor is connected with 50 domestic and foreign cities, serving almost 2 million passengers per year. We are aimed on developing of our flight geography and invite to cooperation regional and international air companies.

Our airport accommodates A-class runaway with no restrictions on the Maximum take-off weight. Modern lightning system allows accepting aircrafts in all meteorological conditions. Nine taxiways increase capacity of airdrome, apron equipped with “Mobile apron” system allows to plan timely and arrange handling resources during ground handling procedures.

Kazan international airport is the first who has got such significant awards at one time - Best Regional airport of Russia and CIS and 4-star airport by Skytrax.

In 2018, the work of Kazan International Airport was evaluated at a high international level. Kazan Airport for fifth time was declared as the the “Best Regional Airport of Russia and the CIS” according to the independent British company Skytrax.

In 2019 the staff of Kazan airport, for the first time among Russian and CIS airports, was awarded as the "Best Airport Staff" award.

SITA adresses of airport services

Passenger service department
Senior dispatcher KZNKKXN
Lost and found baggage KZNLLXN
Automatic passengers check-in KZNKMXH