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Авиакомпания «ЮВТ АЭРО» соединит Казань с Мурманской и Тюменской областями

UVT AERO will connect Kazan with the Murmansk and Tyumen regions


On August 8, 2022 UVT Aero airline resumes new flights on the route Kazan-Murmansk-Tyumen. The flights will be operated on Mondays, Tuesdays and on Saturdays.

• On Mondays and Saturdays: departure time from Kazan at 04:00 - landing at Murmansk airport at 06:50, departure from Murmansk at 07:40 - landing in Tyumen at 12:55.

• Return flight from Tyumen 13:45 - landing in Murmansk at 15:00, departure from Murmansk 15:50 - landing in Kazan at 18:45.

• On Tuesdays: departure time from Kazan at 10:10 - landing at Murmansk airport at 13:00, departure from Murmansk at 13:50 - landing in Tyumen at 19:00.

• Return flight from Tyumen 19:50 - landing in Murmansk at 21:05, departure from Murmansk 22:00 - landing in Kazan at 01:00 (Wednesday).

The time for each airport is local.

The flights will be performed by Canadian Bombardier CRJ-200 airliners with the capacity of 50 seats.

The minimum cost of a one-way flight from Kazan to Murmansk is from 7 thousand 590 rubles, from Murmansk to Tyumen is from 7 thousand 90 rubles, from Kazan to Tyumen is from 10 thousand 90 rubles.

The ticket price already includes 10 kg baggage and 5 kg hand luggage.

UVT AERO is dynamically developing its activities, opening new routes and improving the quality of services provided to passengers. The opening of these new flights will strengthen economic, industrial, cultural and tourist ties between the Republic of Tatarstan, the Murmansk region and the Tyumen region.

Tickets can be purchased on the airport's official website using service "Buy a ticket" and in the mobile application of Kazan airport.